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Secured loans are that require collateral as a condition of borrowing. A lender can request collateral for large loans. Secured loans allow certain types of secured loans including bad credit, personal loans, and short-term installments loans. The idea behind a secure loan is a basic one. If you have trouble paying the loan, the lender can put a lien on the collateral. Lenders accept collateral against a secured loan to incentivize borrowers to repay the loan on time. We strongly believe that quality financial planning is no longer an option. It is necessary for people across the country. We are one of the most admired and trusted Consultancy in the Financial Service Industry in India continuously striving for excellence.

In Secured Loan we have two more categories

1. Home Loan

2. Loan Against Property

Home Loan

Home loans are given to individuals who are interested in buying/constructing houses. It is supported by banks or financial institutions who loan a certain amount, based on the need of the individual(s). Loans can be applied for purchase, construction or improvement of homes. . Our customers enjoy attractive interest rates, transparent charges, quick processing and easy repayment options. We provide seamless digital application process, attractive interest rates and special processing fee. We also avail the facility of customized repayment options to suit your needs.

Characteristic of Home Loan

The asset i.e. your home/property is pledged as security collateral. In case of failure of payment of the loan on a timely basis, the bank/lender would be entitled to retrieve the asset.
The loan amount varies, with minimum amount being Rs 2,00,000/-
The repayment time period, which ranges upto 30 years, is fixed based on the amount taken as loan and includes the outstanding principal plus the interest costs.
The principal amount and the interest together constitute the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) of the loan.
The loan charges include registration charge, fee for processing, prepayment penalty, commitment charge and miscellaneous charges for documentation & consultation.

Loan Against Property

Loan against property, as the name suggests, is applicable for individuals applying for a loan for the purchase of a land/property, be it for commercial or residential interests. This comes off as a better option during times of financial crisis. A loan against property remains one of the most sought-after loans in India, mainly due to the ever increasing real-estate prices.

Characteristic of Loan Against Property

A Secured Loan, it is offered only when the individual/applicant keeps the property with the bank as security. The loan interest rates are allocated based on the individual’s monthly salary, amount taken as loan, interest rates etc. Rate of interest of loans are again based on the customer’s profile (salary, credit history etc).

Repayment periods are usually of the range of 10-15 years and hence are long-tenure loans.

Minimum amount offered as loan is Rs 50,000/-

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Since banks follow strict procedures while lending loan for property, it is requested you be well versed with all the rules and regulations.With providing you details on status of your eligibility, amount you can borrow against the property as loan and terms & conditions

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